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This detailed handbook discusses the identification and habits of these birds on a species-by-species basis, bringing together the latest research, accurate range maps, more than 600 colour photographs that illustrate age and racial plumage differences, and 64 superb colour plates.



The book contains the very latest research into the identification, taxonomy and behaviour of each of the 160 species in the two South American bird families, along with detailed colour maps, several hundred previously unpublished colour photographs, and Eustace Barnes’s stunning colour plates.


Covering 239 species, this book is the first definitive photographic guide to woodpeckers, with more than 750 high-quality photographs. Detailed text also looks at the biology of the birds, voice, habitat, status, racial variation and distribution. Each species entry is completed by an accurate colour range map.



This identification guide primarily covers the genera Acrocephalus, Locustella, Cettia and Bradypterus, together with a few smaller related genera. Identification is covered in detail, illustrated with line drawings, sonograms, wonderful colour plates and photographs. It is destined to become the ultimate reference for these challenging birds.



Dozens of the world’s finest natural history photographers have contributed to this spectacular work, covering all of the world’s 268 species of owls; particular attention is given to subspecific differences, sexing and ageing. Concise text on the identification, habitat, food, distribution, voice, and accurate range maps is included.


The detailed species accounts cover taxonomy, specific and subspecific identification features, determination of age and sex, geographic variation, measurements, voice, moult and hybridisation. In addition, the current status of each species is treated with up-to-date information on distribution, population size, habitat and life-cycle.



This book discusses the biology and identification of the world’s cuckoos, couas and coucals on a species-by-species basis, bringing the latest research, accurate range maps, more than 600 stunning colour photographs that illuminate age and racial plumage differences, and 36 superb plates by a internationally renowned artists.


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What others are saying about these guides

“Lives up to its billing as the "essential guide" for these fascinating and often confounding birds.” – Sunday Express

“The book goes well beyond anything you would see in a basic field guide. A total of 84 species, as well as 100 regularly encountered hybrids, are comprehensively covered with 650 colour photographs and 72 colour plates featuring 920 individual illustrations and an encyclopaedic text.” – Sunday Express

“stunning … a fitting tribute to this diverse group” – British Birds

“A beautiful book” – Daily Express “an attractive, accessible and inviting work”

“an attractive, accessible and inviting work” – Into the Woods and Elsewhere

“a glossy and scholarly labour of love. The photographs, as well as being a joy to behold, bring home what a diverse world we live in.” – Scotland Outdoors

“exhaustively researched and carefully compiled…a really nice reference book to an attractive and often under-rated group of birds.” – The Curious Naturalist

“stunningly illustrated…give[s] the reader an appreciation of the full diversity of this family in a very attractive format.” – American Birding Association

“A fascinating group of birds… a worthwhile purchase” – Birding World

“Cuckoos of the World impresses heavily in every department.” – Birdwatch


“’destined to become the ultimate reference for these challenging birds’” – Birdbooker report website

“’Full of amazingly comprehensive data, yet extending an invitation to a world in which so much waits to be discovered, Reed and Bush Warblers is a Premiership-level ‘keeper’ for sure. A magnum opus, worth of addition to any birder’s library.’” – Birdwatch

“This is a fantastic book” – Birding World

“this is a great book…the only photographic guide to include all woodpecker species on the planet, and is replete with great photography.” – Avian Review

“If you are into birds generally and cuckoos specifically, it is a ‘must have’ title. The book contains not only detailed textual information on each and every species but is also profusely illustrated with plates by a team of internationally acclaimed artists and more than 600 superb photographs… Cuckoos of the World is an invaluable contribution to ornithological literature” – thetraveleditor.com

“This is by far the best and most comprehensive set of woodpecker images ever assembled and their overall standard is exceptional.” – Rare Bird Alert

“Sebastien Reeber’s Wildfowl of Europe, Asia and North America is a comprehensive guide to ducks, geese and swans” – BBC Wildlife

“a marvellous resource for the world’s owls that would undeniably look great on any birder’s bookshelf” – www.birdguides.com